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Between Two Deserts (EPUB)


A literary masterpiece of love and longing by the impressive Germaine Shames.

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Product Description

Jerusalem lies at the end of an ancient Roman road, a city swathed in light and sorrow.

Coming to Jerusalem to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish, Eve Cavell finds herself poised on the seam of three worlds—Muslim, Christian, and Jewish. Inspired rather than frightened by the ghosts and warring children that surround her, Eve emerges from mourning to a life larger for its dangers. The lost and alone—an Australian street preacher; a handsome apathetic Palestinian; an alienated Israeli investigator; and others—beat a path to her door. Soon she attracts the attention of Mozes Koenig, an elderly Hungarian author in search of a heroine. Eve, with her lodestar eyes and solitary dance, captivates the old man’s imagination, and together they create an opus to humanity in a city made of stone.


Winner of the Arizona Literary Fellowship in Fiction

“In Jerusalem where rhetoric and revenge rule, Shames shows us humanity and insight.”— Bloomsbury Review