Echo Year

ECHO YEAR  by Casper Silk

Who hasn’t dreamed of a life in the perfect French chateau?

When electronics magnate David Crown finds himself at the scene of a hate crime, his idyll in the Midi countryside abruptly ends. Against a backdrop of Gallic bonhomie and summer’s languid ripening, David, his bookish girlfriend Rowena, and his demented mother Miriam struggle to make a home of a gilded Mansard as it swiftly devolves into a web of mishap and murder. With deftness and compassion, Casper Silk entwines the destinies of a village thrust into the new millennium, a teenager convicted of a synagogue firebombing, and a man struggling, at midlife, to cross a border and seize his dreams.

Casper Silk is the pseudonym of an award-winning author whose works defy easy categorization, combining elements of literary and genre fiction, and straying from the straight-and-narrow of chronology into a kaleidoscopic striptease of the human soul. Mid-life meltdown? Imitation of Life with truffles? In Echo Year, Silk makes high art of the “idyll gone-to-hell” and delivers what booklovers lust after—a good read.
“Emotive. Sad. Beautiful. Funny. Echo Year is terrific.”

NY Journal of Books

“In this well-crafted literary novel, the author captures the myriad nuances of a mid-life crisis and brings to life an idyllic village in the French Midi only to haunt it with dark forces. The perfect chateau proves no refuge for protagonist David Crown. Amid a hail of firebombs and truffles, his world comes tumbling down.”

David Liss

“Casper Silk writes in an enjoyable lyrical, lush style, gives the reader very good insight into the complex characters, and takes on important moral issues in Echo Year. There is exciting action and intelligent dialogue throughout the novel. I highly recommend this second novel written by the author using this pseudonym.”

Gary Severance, Mobile Perceptions

Echo Year is one of those intriguing books that exists on the fringes of genre, but is always and entirely unique. It tells the deceptively simple story of a good man living out his life’s dream in a French chateau, but within this structure manages to say cogent and provocative things about youth and age, privilege and poverty, religion and social class. The language is lush and precise; the descriptions are vivid; the effect of both sorrow and hope stays with you long after the book is finished.”

Claire, Goodreads

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